DILIGENCE is the word for today.

DILIGENCE is the word for today.

Definition: constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent

                    in doing anything.


Oh that men would praise the Lord for his goodness,
and for his wonderful works to the children of men!


There are things you NEVER put in writing, especially if you are angry, emotionally upset or feeling "temporarily insane". Those words cannot be retracted. Once gone out of your mouth, you cannot call them back. (And, in that present state of being "emotionally torn", you see no future need to "call back" the words because you screamed, "I meant what I said!")


And the TARGETS of your words can read your DIATRIBE over and over again, ALONG WITH whomever they may “leak” them to. You cannot deny that you wrote those particular words. The mouth and the pen are delivery systems of your mind — whether the thoughts be kind or brutal.


Through aging, discovery, forgiveness, enlightenment, etc., your attitudes and feelings may rise to liberated levels. But, those “words of past-angry-moments" are locked on the pages of a document that can be distributed around the world. PLUS, OTHERS who read or hear YOUR words may conclude that the person (you) who said such things is a "loose cannon. [Definition: a person whose reckless behavior endangers the efforts or welfare of others]. Others will learn through your own words that you should be avoided, and never trusted.


Shakespeare wrote, "How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!" Ungrateful beneficiaries bite off hands and feet of those who helped them to get better lives and opportunities. Avoid the cannibals. (You may think that your feeling hurt is justified. You may be correct; BUT, don't selfishly block others from receiving the good things that helped you.) Avoid being a cannibal.


With all your getting, get UNDERSTANDING. Don't handle important people as though they are useless and without understanding.


WISE people NEVER UTTER all of their thoughts. They hear and steer. Their efforts are to unify and benefit all for the making of the better world.


HEAR and STEER. Navigate yourself through conversations, seeking peace and engaging a path that will take you there.


The adages I heard: "Loose lips sink ships."


"If your lips would keep from slips,

Five things observe with care:

Of whom you speak, 

To whom you speak;

And HOW and WHEN and WHERE."


Down the road, you may hate it when you discover that you threw away seeds and many “opportunities for prosperity” simply by NOT doing something TODAY.



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