Hello, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Jesus

My mother used that expression once (that I recall), and I think I heard my grandfather use it also. The dictionary definition is: when or if matters are ultimately confronted or resolved; when or if a problem must be faced; in a crucial situation.

THE DAY of HIGH HOLY, I had just awakened from sleep, when I heard the word, "mejor" (Spanish). I sought to find out it's meaning: BETTER. THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER. HOLD ON IN PRAISE!

One of the biggest difficulties is GETTING PEOPLE TO DO IT NOW. That's church people, fraternity people, families, and governments. In general, NOTHING GETS FRONT BURNER UNLESS IT'S ON FIRE.

The small things you can do to WIDEN THE GAP between LACK and MORE are often PASSED OFF AS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO LATER.

You don't have time for it now. It's like we must give a long, convincing TALK about why it is necessary, but you won't take time to TALK. You want a DETAILED WRITTEN EXPLANATION, but you don't take time to READ. YOU ARE SO BUSY BEING ABOUT YOU that you haven't considered ALL THE THINGS that make you work, and that could make you work better.


God gave the MOST CONVINCING EVIDENCE for ancient ISRAEL to GO INTO THE PROMISED LAND. But, they used the same "old language" to describe a NEW THING. PASSOVER indicated that God destroyed their enemies and "passed over" them. They should keep that NEW THOUGHT and "pass over" into the Promised Land. Instead, they said, "But, there's a problem out there. Our enemies are giants. My wife and children will be injured, enslaved or killed." (Like God didn't know they had families!!!!!)


My friend, I can't describe this in a better way.

NOW is NO OTHER WAY. Be conscious of the fact that GOD WANTS YOU TO DO IT NOW. See the urgency.


I grieve over things like this:

Letter from a prisoner: Dear Bishop Porter, I received your letter and read it several times, I understand and agree with everything you said. You've shown me love. I never knew love like this before! Being in prison is a hard place to be in when you have no support system. Receiving a letter or a card from you makes a day, weeks, even sometimes months worthwhile. I did not know you didn't have a "around-the-clock" crew of believers to do the things that are required. Well, I can tell you this . . . I'm ready to do whatever it takes: pray, fast, write, contact, make phone calls, travel, visit the sick, recruit for classes, promote the word, videos, CD's, DVD's and have daily care for the saints, prisoners, orphans and the widows. Yes, give me a TRY at this. I deeply feel I can handle this RESPONSIBILITY.


STATISTICS ON THE MAN WHO WROTE THAT LETTER: Born 1969. Westcoast met him around 1989, when he was a young inmate. I gave him counsel to come to Sarasota and be taught. Instead, he went to another place. He was arrested in 1998, and sentenced in 1999 to 30 years in prison. His release date is 2024. Drug related.


When God gives you insight, follow it.


When He gives you a command, obey it.


Some of those who know, and who are well-known, offer gifts and opportunities to those who do not know, and who are unknown. Not because they qualify for the places and deals offered to them, but because the giver wishes for them to do better. That's GRACE: unmerited favor. If people can make us feel special by being kind to us, just think about the MAGNITUDE of God's love, mercy and grace toward us through Jesus Christ. Be grateful. You do not know what is coming up. So, prepare yourself by connecting with others.


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Bishop Porter

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